Professional Training

5DBIM/ QIM Training - 2 Day Course

1.0 Course outline for QSBIM/ 5D BIM training course

1.1 2-Day QSBIM/ 5D BIM Workshop

- Class Length: 2 day

- Class Size: max. 20 attendance hands-on training per class

- Target Participants: For Senior QS, QS and below

- Required Software: Revit 201x, QIM5D (Revit plug-in)

1.2 After this training, the participants should be able to:

(i) Know what BIM can do in measurement; 

(ii) Basic Revit function on navigation and modeling;

(iii) Functions in facilitate coding elements;

(iv) Concept of coding system;

(v) Applied codes and formula;

(vi) Extract quantities and report;

(vii) Variation comparison

1.3. Training Contents

A. QSBIM/ 5D BIM Introduction

(i) Introduction of Quantitative Information Modeling (QIM)

(ii) Concept of i5D BIM

B. Addition/ Alternation/ Modification of existing model

(i) Navigation techniques

(ii) Basic Revit functions in facilitate coding elements

C. QIM5D (Revit plug-in) introduction

(i) Coding system

(ii) Apply codes and formula setting

(iii) Quantities adjustments

(iv) Extract quantities and report

D. QIM5D advanced function

(i) Auto-coding

(ii) Variation comparison

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