AI-Driven Construction

AI-Safety Monitoring System

The current safety problems in the AEC industry:

Dangerous is always the first impression of the construction site. According to a recent statistic, 30 – 40% of workplace fatalities are from the construction industry. Therefore, we believe that safety is the highest priority to focus on in construction site; while it also means lots of capital are spent there.

The current tactics are in-efficient (Including safety monitoring)​
Site monitoring usually involves in-person site walk by Engineers or even Director. Here, we provide a better AI-Safety Solution to reduce the cost-spent on the safety issue and the effort of security officers.

Cross-camera tracking = More comprehensive site analysis​

AI-based Automatic Site Safety Monitoring System

Manual Monitoring


Centralised Documentation Management

Integrating DWSS for Safety Report Drafting​

Reports are essential if litigation happen!
  • On-The-Fly Incident Report
  • Auto-filled Safety Report​

Multi-Camera Trajectory Tracking for Site Analytics

Cross-camera tracking = More comprehensive site analysis​

Safety is Not An Option, It is A Must

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