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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is not just a drawing tool but a new tool to holistically manage information relating to construction projects. From preparatory stage to construction and operational stages, our BIM specialist in MES will guide you in this new way of working by:

  • Using new technology to facilitate BIM project management and BIM execution,
  • Create better construction process control, ​using our ShareBIM platform to do
     – Cross‐disciplinary collaboration
     – Internal coordination
     – Problem solving and risk management
  • Training by doing
  • Create tangible BIM workflow from existing operations
  • Solve people process and technical issues

BIM characteristics the geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties of building elements, cost estimates, material inventories, and project schedule.

With these models, our consultants will use them to demonstrate the entire BIM building life cycle. As a result, quantities and shared properties of materials can be readily extracted. Scopes of work can be easily isolated and defined.

Systems, assemblies, and sequences can be shown on a relative scale with the entire facility or group of facilities. The construction documents such as the drawings, procurement details, submitted processes and other specifications can be easily interrelated.

Our Experience –
Our BIM consultants have the necessary experience in both consultation and work practice to keep your project on track and understand your company’s specific needs.

Our Understanding of BIM Standards –
MES consultants have BIM-related degrees and/or certifications and they know the latest and relevant standards inside out and are highly vested in industry best practices.

Our Work Style –
MES BIM Consultants will do a feasibility study into the culture of your company and your general communication skills and are flexible in our approach to BIM adoption. While adopting BIM maybe something new to your company, existing workflows should be supported, not disrupted. Our BIM consultant will be able to see where changes are required and be able to communicate and implement change with minimal disruption.

Please do contact us for a free BIM consultancy discussion on how you can adopt BIM into your existing or new building projects.

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