Developing Quantifiable Defect Record for Tall Building Envelop with Quantitative Infrared Thermograhy and Building Information Modelling


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Innovation and Technology Fund of Hong Kong Government


To develop a new methodology for imaging and diagnosis of external wall debond of tall building envelop by embedding quantitative infrared thermographic (IRT) survey images in building information model (BIM)



Thermal images captured in various situations, including variation in emissivities of wall materials and IFOV, will be processed and size estimation of delaminations detected will be performed. Thermograms after processing will be converted in grayscale to binary scale and perform ortho-correction, and then embedded with a BIM of the target building. The BIM with IRT information can hence facilitate the maintenance planning and cost estimation in asset management. At last, a workflow making use of the methodology developed by this project will be standardized, included and updated in the test standard “Hong Kong Concrete Institue: TM1 “Detection of Building Surface Defect by Infrared Thermography” for a scientific health diagnosis of building envelop.



• Comparison and selection of signal processing methods

• Accuracies of debond shape and size estimations in various situations

• Embedment of IRT information into as built BIM of building envelope based

• Standard workflow and scientific-based health diagnosis