CIC – DWSS Webinar

The DWSS talk given by our Project Director Mr Kelvin Kuo was an overwhelming success with participation of more than thousands of industry professionals.

The Development Bureau has published a Technical Circular on Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) (ref. DevB TC (W) No. 3/2020) intending to enhance the standard and efficiency of work supervision as well as the quality and safety of works. The adoption of DWSS will certainly increase productivity, enhance regulation and quality assurance for the industry.

In order to support this transformation, Construction Industry Council (CIC) has launched a webinar series on DWSS to facilitate the adoption of digital technologies for construction site supervision.

MES has developed a DWSS solution that can be integrated into a Common Data Environment (CDE) platform with a simple user interface.

Mr. Kelvin KUO was introduced the DWSS platform with local adoption examples and sharing with participants in the following areas:

• Introduction of DWSS solution
• Practical application of DWSS in 5 mandatory modules
• Special features of MES DWSS platform
• The impact of using DWSS on the HK construction industry

Topic: BIM-based Site Supervision Platform (DWSS)

Date: 22 Dec 2020 (Tue)

Time: 10am – 11am

Language: Cantonese

Speaker: Mr. Kelvin KUO, Project Director