CIC ShareBIM Live Demonstration

We are honored to be invited by Construction Industry Council 建造業議會 to showcase and do a live demo to features the uniqueness of our ShareBIM at BIM LAB @ CIC BIM Space on 11th August 2021.

It’s our honor to showcase our product, ShareBIM. Our Project Director Kelvin Kuo was invited to share the features and uniqueness of ShareBIM.

What is ShareBIM?

ShareBIM is a BIM-based management collaboration platform solution to wake up your BIM and empower your project management that includes document & drawings management, QR code integration, quality/ defect management, material tracking/ logistics management, 4D management, and coordination subject.

It fully supports web browsers and mobile apps. You can play, talk, mark up, measure, take photos, link files, and share. It’s bespoke for your real needs. No matter if you want a public cloud or a private cloud. The project is under construction or operation.

ShareBIM is a BIM-based project management collaboration platform. ShareBIM has 2 core modules and 10 optional modules.

2 core modules:

Common Data Environment & Collaboration (CDE)
Site Monitoring & Quality Management (SmQM)

10 optional modules:

Facilities Management (FM)
Variation (VO)
Safety Management (SFT)
Logistics Management (LogM)
Prefabrication / DfMA (PreF)
Procurement & Supply Chain (Proc)
Cost Management (CSM)
Contract Management (CTM)
Tendering (TDR)

Common Data Environment & Collaboration (CDE)

A Common Data Environment (CDE) suits the project to organization-level needs. No matter it is a set of BIM model drives for design, review construction, or documents like RFIs. You can easily check and process the file online everywhere. Every team member can easily communicate on the platform by initiating and giving feedback workflows.

Site Monitoring & Quality Management (SmQM)

The workflow can help the project team carry out daily quality management based on the BIM model. You can easily submit the checklist based on the BIM model. A dashboard can also show the status to assist the site supervisors. Inspects the work and relevant management.

Cost Management (CSM)

A revolutionary solution to BIM quantity take-off. Quantitative Information Modeling (QIM) is a new BIM-based cost management approach for all construction projects with the aim of QIM5D Quantitative Information are integrated BIM models. QIM5D is an integration of BIM technology and the conventional quantity survey in practice. Bringing a vision to productivity to quantity take-off process. Ensuring accuracy of the estimate, facilitating information sharing, and enhancing project cost control management.