CostBIM is a new BIM-based Cost Management approach for all construction projects.

BIM-based Cost Management


Integration of BIM technology into conventional Quantity Surveying practices

With the aids of CostBIM, quantitative information are integrated with BIM models. CostBIM is an integration of BIM technology into conventional Quantity Surveying practices, bringing efficiency and productivity to quantity takeoff process, ensuring accuracy of estimates, facilitating information sharing and enhancing project cost control management.

Development Bureau Technical Circular (Works) No. 12/2020
Adoption of Building Information Modelling for Capital Works Projects in Hong Kong


M – Mandatory BIM Use for the mentioned stage, including that carried forward from previous stage. The underlined items are new mandatory BIM uses. 

O – Optional BIM Use

a. Mandatory for project cost budgeting, project cost control and cost evaluation on design options, etc. at design stage as far as practicable.

b. Mandatory for project cost control, cost evaluation on variation of works, cash flow/spending analysis, etc. at construction stage as far as practicable.

c. Mandatory for checking client spatial requirements such as compliance with the approved schedule of accommodations, reference plot ratio for building projects and site coverage of greenery for building projects, or other spatial requirements relevant to building/civil projects as considered appropriate.

d. Mandatory for the construction activities with very high to extreme risk level identified from the Systematic Risk Management (SRM) according to ETWB TC(W) No. 6/2005 or other activities as considered appropriate at design stage.

e. Mandatory for digitalizing the construction details in the BIM model for mass customized components such as metal cladding, acoustic panels, building façade panels, ceiling panels, acoustic barriers, metal structural members, etc. which are of large quantities and variety in dimensions, shapes, geometries, etc. and modular construction units3.

f. Mandatory for the construction activities with very high to extreme risk level identified from the SRM according to ETWB TC(W) No. 6/2005 or other activities as considered appropriate at construction stage.

g. Mandatory for providing maintenance attributes for facility structures, fabrics and equipment in the as-built models as considered appropriate.

h. Mandatory for developing/reviewing digital 3D design scheme for a new construction project after TFS has been approved by the WB of DEVB.

i. Mandatory for collecting sufficient and necessary existing site conditions as far as practicable to develop the design scheme and conduct the site analysis for new construction projects.

j. Mandatory for building projects which aim to obtain the Gold or above rating of “BEAM Plus NB 2.0” certification with credit(s) for “BIM Integration”.

k. Mandatory for modular construction units3 including those for MiC, DfMA, prefabrication of BS/MEP installations as appropriate.

l. Mandatory for conducting at least one engineering analysis which may be related to structural, lighting, solar and shading, airflow, energy, acoustic, thermal, mechanical, people movement, hydraulic, etc. as appropriate in building projects.

*3 Modular construction units refer to construction units which are modularized in the design, integrated with all construction components/elements as far as practical, constructed in either off-site or on-site prefabrication yards and then delivered to the site for installation/fixing.

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