Development & Collaboration in Malaysia

CIDB EConstruct S/B CEO Mr. Rofizlan Ahmad, General Manager (Training) Mr. Mohammad Farid A. Hamid, Manager (Construction IT Quality Division, Technology Development Sector) Mr. Sharifuddin bin Umar, Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) ICT Committee Deputy Chairman Mr. Alex Hoo and MBAM Assistant Manager Mr. Muhammad Fadzley bin Salim are the attendees at this meeting.

This meeting focused on 5 major topics: These are not topics, just sequence of events Please check with Miranda)

Firstly, CoE Chairlady Sr Miranda Lui introduced CoE followed by the introduction of CIDB, from this part we enhance mutual understanding.

Secondly, Sr Miranda invited Malaysian representatives to join Steering Committee and support International Assessment Centre in Hong Kong. They are CIDB CEO Mr. Rofizlan Ahmad, CIDB General Manager (Training) Mr. Mohammad Farid A. Hamid, CIDB Manager (Construction IT Quality Division, Technology Development Sector) Mr. Sharifuddin bin Umar, BIM Institute of Malaysia Vice – Chairman Dr. Mohd Harris Ismail, MBAM representatives, and University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNMC), Dean of Engineering Prof. Andy Chan and UNMC Assistant Professor Dr. Jing Ying Wong. They both are experts with practical experience in their respective fields of expertise, we believe their contributions and supports will enhance our International Assessment Centre. During the meeting, they proposed to have first Steering Committee meeting in mid or late February 2019 in Hong Kong, to further discuss and the development of International Assessment.

Thirdly, CIDB will support the CoE’s publication on “BIM Best Practices for Construction” in Asia Pacific and International experience with sharing their existing assessment. Their assessment will incorporate into CoE International assessment syllabus. Also, CIDB agreed to have 3 levels on the assessment, which are Modeling, Coordination, and Management.

Fourthly, CIDB will share their existing training outline to CoE, they will also further discuss to from some jointly training with CoE to keep pace with the latest development of BIM.

Last, CIDB will be together with CoE to hold some joint promotion of BIM development in Malaysia and Asia Pacific by organizing events and training.

The meeting was held successfully and acquired lots of shared views and exchanges. We believe this meeting laid a solid foundation for the collaboration between CoE and CIDB, to make joint efforts on international training and assessment.

Malaysia collaboration trip was going on, followed by the CIDB meeting, Sr Miranda Lui was invited to deliver a speech on BIM Institute of Malaysia event. There were more than 100 partisans from industry to attend the event. Sr Miranda Lui gave a topic on Platform Economy of Construction which aroused all participants’ interest.

Last but not least, Sr Miranda Lui was invited to attend a site visit which the site was adopt full BIM implementation. The project has been fully implemented with BIM throughout the project life cycle. To reduce unnecessary errors, BIM has played a key role in design and construction stages. CoE wishes to leverage the development of the AEC industry by promoting BIM international training and assessment as well standardization.