Forum on BIM for Facilities Management


Across the world, BIM (Building Information Modelling) is becoming a crucial and even mandated process to ensure the planning, design, construction, operation and management of buildings is highly efficient and collaborative. In Malaysia, the first construction project that adopted BIM was the National Cancer Institute, Putrajaya in 2010. Since then a few other government funded construction projects have adopted BIM.

Under the Construction Industry Transformation Plan (CITP) 2016-2020, there are two KPIs related to implementation of BIM, i.e. 100% of all public/JKR building projects above RM 100 million to use BIM Level 2 by Q4 2020 and BIM e-submission (Auto-Checker) by all PBT with ‘city status’ (bertaraf bandar raya) by Q4 2021. In the Mid-Term Review of CITP 2016-2020, CIDB has included BIM adoption for private sector as a new KPI to ensure the transformation is throughout the industry.

In an effort to enable BIM for FM, each one of the FM areas demands precise information which requires defining Level of Detail (LOD). At present, there are 5 different levels of LOD i.e. LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 400, and LOD 500.

The moderator and speakers of this event are actively involved in projects that are utilizing BIM. This event is aimed at enlightening the participants on the knowledge related to LOD in the projects they are involved in.


myBIM Centre was launched by CIDB on 20 Nov 2017 to serve as a resource centre to promote and increase the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) system among construction industry players. As the experienced BIM users are getting more competent and refining their models with more level of details which enables facilities management, myBIM Centre has collaborated with the FM industry and created a training module for FM Practitioners.

This event is for my BIM Centre to launch the BIM for FM Training Module. During the Launch, the contents of the Training Module and course fees will be revealed. Forum participants will also be privy to a virtual tour of myBIM Centre that will exhibit the lab, studio, seminar and showcase facilities that is made available for course participants.

Date: 12 September 2020

Time: 9am-11:30am

Speaker: Mr. Michael Lam Man Ho, Senior BIM Manager, MES Group Asia

Format: Youtube Live Streaming