HKABAEIMA Class 33: 5D BIM (QIM) approach in response to ICMS

In 2020, buildingSMART International has joined the International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) coalition to develop and implement international standards for benchmarking, measuring, and reporting construction project costs. BIM Standard and Cost Management take the key roles for Construction Industry throughout the whole Project Life-Cycle. This webinar will briefly introduce the concept and practice of the approaches.

Our project director, Mr. Kelvin Kuo was invited to be the speaker of the session “Way Forward: openBIMer’s Roles! Class 33: 5D BIM (QIM) approach in response to ICMS”. He shares his thoughts on how can we integrate BIM to match with the ICMS’ standards in several ways, where the participants of the webinar show up with 130 attendees.

The learning outcome of this training class includes:

1. What is BIM? (Concept & Terminology)
2. Benefits of (open) BIM
3. BIM processes (ISO 19650-1)
4. OpenBIM standards
5. Processes within an organization