MES Managing Director Sr. Miranda Lui’s Insights At The 2023 Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit

The 2023 Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit, held on November 6th and 7th in Shenzhen, China, was a monumental event that gathered key stakeholders from various sectors to discuss and promote economic and trade partnerships among the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) member countries.

In addition to fostering business collaboration, the summit placed a special emphasis on enhancing cooperation in the Digital Economy and Green Economy to build a sustainable shared future.

Among the distinguished panel of speakers was Sr Miranda Lui, Founder and Managing Director of MES Group. Sr Miranda Lui was invited to participate in a segment titled “Pivoting towards Green Growth: New Opportunities in the Green Economy,” where she shared her insights on harnessing opportunities in the green economy and MES’ commitment to sustainable solutions.

Sr Miranda Lui sharing her insights at 2023 Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit

Sustainable production practices have become a critical focus for businesses aiming to contribute to a greener world. As Sr Miranda Lui emphasized during her participation in the summit, integrating sustainability into production processes is a significant step that aligns environmental responsibility with competitiveness and profitability. And she shared MES’ pilot project implementation case in Malaysia where the pilot project brings together digitalisation (BIM, GIS), smart facilities management, energy efficiency, IoT, AI and ESG reporting to convert a hotel into a smart & sustainable 21st century building.

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