MES - UNM Digital Construction Hub

On 17th December 2021, MES Group – Ms Donna, En Muiz, and Mr. Jonathan met up with Mr Rob van Haaran, Ms June Ng from Leviat a CRH Company together with VP Prof Andy Chan, Ir Dr Lau Teck Leong from the University of Nottingham Malaysia to discuss various forms of partnership to tackle the increasing demand of BIM Objects and to reduce embodied carbon at UNM Semenyih Campus.

Many manufacturers are now producing “digital twins” of their products alongside the physical product to enable their products to be incorporated into BIM. BIM Object detailed information that defines a product and geometry that represents that product’s physical characteristics. The digital (BIM) design is a key-area within the new way of efficient building (modular / pre-cast) and a key-strategic area for Leviat, the engineered solution provider.

Almost one-third of CO2 emissions from buildings stem from the embodied carbon in materials and the construction process. The built environment sector has a vital role to play in responding to the climate emergency and addressing upfront carbon to fully decarbonize and eliminate both operational and embodied carbon emissions.

Both the Academia and industry players must come together to create awareness and help buildings owners minimize the carbon footprint across the lifetime of their buildings.

Over the years, UNM has proved its ability to solve technical problems for industry, developing new technologies and systems to give manufacturers a competitive edge while Leviat is committed to lowering its carbon footprint towards carbon neutrality and is constantly rethinking and redesigning its products and processes to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

MES Group through our expertise on BIM and construction software solutions will facilitate this partnership to meet its sustainable goals.