Miranda Lui

Message from Managing Director

Miranda Lui – Statement from Founder & Managing Director of MES Group

I feel very privileged to be writing this message as the Founder and Managing Director of MES Group. This is a special time in our Company’s history as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. We began our journey 2011 and have spent the past decade continuing to build our brand, which has now become synonymous with our commitment to helping our clients and partners to share knowledge and to create innovation. Our fundamental strength is that, with our HQ in Hong Kong, branches in Malaysia, Philippines and India , we have created for ourselves, an unique position to connect Mainland China and the rest of the ASEAN countries.

The Challenges
We have faced several challenges on our way here, but each one of them has only strengthened us to make us the “Company” we are today; a thorough professional who knows exactly what we want; someone who sets her/his eyes on a goal and does not lose sight of it, unless it is achieved.

Constant improvement and growth
Over the past 10 years we have increased our workforce and have embraced diversity. We have become the leading provider of BIM Consultancy and software solutions and expanded our presence globally in Hong Kong, Mainland China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Philippines & India.

Through the years our commitments to providing exceptional client service and our core ‘s value has not changed. Our value, (to mimic President JFK) has always been “Ask not what our clients can do for us, but what we can do for our clients” has been extended to our daily working environment.

Our Commitment
Together we look forward to growing and expand our businesses to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and to empower the person and organization in our industry to achieve more. We will remain steadfast in delivering innovative digital construction solutions and taking our BIM Consultancy services to new heights

Thank You