MoU Signing Ceremony between MES Group and China ARSC (HK) Limited MES 集團與煤航(香港)有限公司諒解備忘錄簽約儀式

The MoU was signed by Sr Miranda Lui, Founder & Managing Director of MES Group and Managing Director of The China ARSC (HK) Limited, Jiao Wei during our MES 10th Anniversary Dinner on 26th November 2021.

This MoU came about to have both parties engage in a joint effort to promote ongoing collaboration, pursue deeper partnership opportunities in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geographic Information System (GIS), Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI).

About China ARSC (HK) Limited

China ARSC (HK) Limited was established in August 2000. It is a subsidiary of China Coal Aviation Remote Sensing Group Co., Ltd., established in Hong Kong. Coal Aviation was once directly under the former Ministry of Coal, State Economic and Trade Commission, and Central Enterprise Working Committee. In 2003, it belonged to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. A high-tech professional unit engaged in the research, development, and application of surveying and mapping geographic information technology.

“We are very glad to sign this MoU with Miranda to become the official business partner. Together with Miranda, we hope to utilize this platform to optimize the usefulness of Shaanxi Group’s great resources, bringing the power of the latest technology. We hope that Miranda will bring the latest technology and development to the Shaanxi market and headquarters. I hope MES will be the bridge to get started on the technology development to expand ourselves from the Greater Bay Area to Hong Kong SAR. We hope to get support from you all.”—— says Mr. Jiao Wei, Managing Director of The China ARSC (HK) Limited.

In Hong Kong, the city promotes 3D Spatial, planning and collaboration. We have to reinforce our strength and promote the Geographic Information System (GIS). BIM, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Geospatial (Geo-Spatial) surveying and mapping will reinforce the cooperation and industry promotion for Hong Kong and China. Therefore, I am very honored and grateful. ”—— says Sr Miranda Lui, Founder & Managing Director of MES Group.

諒解備忘錄是由 MES Group 的創辦人兼董事總經理呂靜儀測量師,以及煤航(香港)有限公司總經理焦薇先生在MES十周年慶典晚宴時共同簽署。

該諒解備忘錄即將讓雙方共同努力,以促進持續的合作,在建築信息模型 (BIM)、地理信息系統 (GIS)、公共空間數據基礎設施 (CSDI) 方面尋求更深入的合作機會。


煤航(香港)有限公司成立於2000年8月,是在香港成立的中煤航测遥感集团有限公司的子公司。煤炭航空曾直屬原煤炭部、國家經貿委、中央企業工委。 2003年隸屬於國務院國有資產監督管理委員會。從事測繪地理信息技術研究、開發和應用的高新技術專業單位。

“我們非常榮幸地可以成爲Miranda正式的商業合作夥伴。希望我們能通過這個平臺來讓我們的陝西省集團優質的資源和Miranda一起將資源優化,能夠帶給大家新的科技力量。也希望Miranda能將新的科技、新的發展帶到陝西省市場、總局。我希望這一次的簽約,以MES來簽署作爲一個橋梁,然後打起大灣區到香港的一個科技發展的起步,希望大家能夠多多支持我們。”—— 焦薇先生, 煤航(香港)有限公司總經理

“我們香港把城市推動3D Spatial三維空間, 計劃和協作,我們要加大我們的力量,馬上把地理資訊系統(GIS)這個作業推動起來。MES從BIM這個作業跟煤航的地理資訊系統(GIS)和地理空間(Geo Spatial)測繪的這個作業,會對香港和中國國内是一種合作以及行業推動,所以非常榮幸和感謝。” —— 呂靜儀測量師,MES集團創辦人兼董事總經理