Technical Circular (Works) No. 18/2018 - Adoption of Building Information Modelling for Capital Work


27 December 2018

Development Bureau Technical Circular (Works) No. 18/2018


Adoption of Building Information Modelling for Capital Works Projects in Hong Kong


This Circular sets out the policy and requirements on the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology.


This Circular applies to works either by government staff, consultants or contractors. This Circular takes effect on 1 January 2019. 


In its meeting in April 2013, Works Policies Coordination Committee (WPCC) endorsed the proposal to adopt an incremental strategy in using BIM technology in public works projects. Pilot projects with relatively complex building and/or structural works, and of different nature (such as water/sewage treatment plant, various building projects, etc.) were selected for trial with a view to obtaining more information on the performance of the technology in public works projects in various aspects.


The Government is firmly committed to the promotion and adoption of BIM technology in capital works projects with a view to enhancing the design, construction, project management, asset management and improving the overall productivity of the construction industry.


Capital works projects with project estimates more than $30 Million shall use BIM technology. 


BIM Uses
1. Works Departments shall adopt the stipulated mandatory BIM uses in respective stages of a project. Works Departments may adopt the optional BIM uses when necessary.


2. Explanations of each of the above BIM use shall be referred to the latest version of the BIM Standard(s) of the Construction Industry Council.


3. The additional mandatory BIM uses as underlined in the above table shall be adopted for all T&F proposals or construction works tenders to be invited on or after 1 January 2019.