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Research &

Management Consultancy


MES will conduct gap analysis via feasibility study workshops with the client. After thorough understanding of the client’s needs and existing business process, MES will prepare an insightful and holistic feasibility study report for the proposed service to the client.

Research & Software Development


In accordance with the feasibility study report, MES will carry out professional research and business process analysis. The digital systems development and adoption strategy will be agreed with the client. Then IT and R&D team will develop the customized solutions to the client for acceptance.

Product Descriptions on ShareBIM, CostBIM and DWSS

ShareBIM is a BIM-enabled Project Management Collaboration Platform which provides a dedicated Common Data Environment (CDE) platform for storage, viewing and sharing of BIM models, drawings, animation, rendering and other related files of the Works. You can easily check and process the documents online, anytime, anywhere. Everyone can easily communicate on the platform and initiate workflows for follow up actions throughout project life cycle.

CostBIM is a new BIM-based Cost Management approach for all construction projects. With the aids of CostBIM, quantitative information are integrated with BIM models. CostBIM is an integration of BIM technology into conventional Quantity Surveying practices, bringing efficiency and productivity to quantity takeoff process, ensuring accuracy of estimates, facilitating information sharing and enhancing project cost control management.






The Development Bureau released a technical circular in March 2020 requiring all construction projects under the works departments with contract sum exceeding $300 million to use a Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS).


DWSS is designed to be compatible with the Common Data Environment (CDE) from IOS 19650, where it states that the CDE provides a collaborative environment where the whole team can share work and forms the basis for the information management process.

5 mandatory modules + 1 centralized database system

Request for Inspection/Survey Check (RISC) Form

Site Diary / Site Record Book

Site Safety Inspection Record

Cleansing Inspection Checklists

Labour Return Record

Real-Time Dashboard

Professional Training


MES will provide training workshops to the different levels or departments in the client organization. A training syllabus will also be dedicatedly prepared and then agreed with the client to suit the client’s real needs. 

BIM Management Training_MES_v1_Page_1.jp
2-day  5D BIM course flyer-HK-V0.4_Page_

Change Management


MES will develop a digital delivery execution plan (DDXP) after well-understanding the client’s needs in the training stage. MES will carefully provide dedicated support and deploy the digital systems to the client for digital transformation through workshops and co-working meetings. MES will proactively give feedbacks to the client and keep refining the digital systems as well as the adoption strategy during this stage. MES will continuously support the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).

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