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Assocation of Authorised Land Surveyors

Assocation of Authorised Land Surveyors Malaysia

BIM Excellence.png

BIM Excellence

buildingSMART Hong Kong.jpg

buildingSMART Hong Kong

Chartered Institution of Civil Engineeri

Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors

China Association of Construction Education


Flag of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Global BIM Centre of Excellence.png

Global BIM Centre of Excellence

China Association of Construction Educat
Hong Kong Construction Association Limit

Hong Kong Construction Association Limited

Indonesian Surveyors Association.jpg

Indonesian Surveyors Association

Master Builders Association Malaysia.jpg

Master Builders Association Malaysia

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.p

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia

Urban Renewal Authority.png

Urban Renewal Authority

Zhejiang Society of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation

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Archiplus International Limited.png

Archiplus International Limited



Build King Holdings Limited.jpg

Build King Holdings Limited

China Construction Eightth Engineering Division. Corp. Limited

China Harbour Engineering Company Limite

China Harbour Engineering Company Limited

China Railway Group Limited.gif

China Railway Group Limited

Chinney Construction Company Limited.jpg

Chinney Construction Company Limited

Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited.jpg

Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited

CNQC International Holdings Limited.jpg

CNQC International Holdings Limited

Continental Engineering Corporation.jpg

Continental Engineering Corporation

Engineering Surveys Limited.png

Engineering Surveys Limited

Gammon Construction Limited.jpg

Gammon Construction Limited

Guangzhou uBIM Construction Consultancy

Guangzhou uBIM Construction Consultancy Limited

Hing Fu Engineering Company Limited

iGears Technology Limited.jpg

iGears Technology Limited



KCI Management Consultancy Limited.jpg

KCI Management Consultancy Limited

Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad.p

Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad

Ming Tai Construction Engineering Compan

Ming Tai Construction Engineering Company Limited

Nan Fung Group.png

Nan Fung Group

Northcroft Hong Kong Limited.jpg

Northcroft Hong Kong Limited

One Work Design.png

One Work Design

Shanghai Peer Solution Information Techn

Shanghai Peer Solution Information Technology Company Limited

Shenzhen Huayang International Engineeri

Shenzhen Huayang International Engineering Design Limited Company

Taikong Panel Industry Corporation.png

Taikong Panel Industry Corporation

YTL Corporation.jpg

YTL Corporation

University of Macau.png

University of Macau

University of Nottingham Malaysia.png

University of Nottingham Malaysia

Vocational Training Council.png

Vocational Training Council

Hong Kong Polytechnic University.png

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong University of Science and Tech

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

South China University of Technology.jpg

South China University of Technology

Tongji University.png

Tongji University

Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Servic

Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone

The Land Surveyors Board Malaysia.png

The Land Surveyors Board Malaysia

Construction Industry Development Board

Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia

Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysi

Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia

Hong Kong Housing Authority.png

Hong Kong Housing Authority

Lands Department.png

Lands Department

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