malaysia Project

Affordable Home

Project Developer:
Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Malaysia


KenHoe Construction Works Sdn Bhd


The Malaysian Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) — plan to build one million affordable houses within the next 10 years and the government, via the newly established National Affordable Housing Council (NAHC). The policy defines the key features for high rise and landed affordable housing categories such as the built-up area, quality homes standard, development technology and public amenities. Apart from that, KPKT is also on its way to create an integrated property data system, which will allow and assist developers, to gauge and understand the property market better. MES is proud to be selected as the BIM Consultant to one of their Vendor, namely KenHoe Construction Works Sdn Bhd (KH). KenHoe Construction Works Sdn.Bhd(KH) was appointed by the Ministry to build 10 Clusters consisting of 240units of apartment per cluster in Alor Gajah and other part of Malaysia with a GDC of Ringgit 240 million. This project would be a public-private partnership, with our Client KenHoe Construction Works Sdn.Bhd(KH) bearing the whole planning and developing cost, while the ministry will allocate the land to the company.

For this project MES will consult and implement BIM for coordination and collaboration, ShareBIM (CDE) to communicate and record all design changes and data for maintenance, and QIM5D to control the cash flow and cost. Making sure all information are coordinated before their adoption of the usage of IBS (Industrialised Building System) in this affordable housing development to reduce the construction costs and reliance on labour force, hence, bring down the property price.