Malaysia Project

Digital Transformation for Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB)

About Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB)
MRCB is a leading urban property and construction company, which has been listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia since 1971. The Group’s activities span four areas: Property Development & Investment, Engineering, Construction & Environment, Facilities Management, and Infrastructure and Concession. As the developer of the iconic RM18 billion KL Sentral CBD, MRCB pioneered Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in Malaysia and is setting the standard in future fully integrated TOD projects. MRCB’s property development revenues are underpinned by its 358-acre urban land bank which has an estimated GDV of RM52 billion. Its property investment activity is conducted through its 27.9 % equity stake in MRCB-Quill REIT. Apart from constructing world class commercial and residential developments, MRCB’s Engineering, Construction & Environment division also has an enviable track record in highways, rail infrastructure, high voltage power transmission projects and the rehabilitation of rivers and coastal areas. The division currently has an external order book of RM6.5 billion.

Our Services
MRCB Group has been expanding the current BIM team into one of the leading developers & builders to enhance advancement of BIM technologies for the delivery of world-class services through its multiple development & construction projects. In 2016, MES Asia Sdn. Bhd was appointed as change agent of digital transformation for MRCB Group. MES followed workflows of management consultancy, research & software development, professional training and change management.

a) Management Consultancy for Project Delivery Systems
Complex projects with globally distributed teams demand a unique approach to project delivery that is data-driven, visual and fluid. Customized trainings were designed for on-site project-specific training programs for MRCB BIM Team based on specific pilot projects and company needs, otherwise called as Project-based Training or “training-by-doing” consulting to the selective projects. To enable the better management of technical and organizational complexity, MES conducted a Feasibility Study workshop among departments of MRCB to develop customized project delivery systems that streamline the flow of information from conception to execution and operation.

2-day feasibility study workshop was led by the Chief BIM Training Manager and accompanied by a BIM coordinator to setup and agree the BIM Project Execution Plan (PXP) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). MES BIM experts worked with the MRCB BIM Management Team to agree with a BIM training schedule and to ensure that progress and standards would be met of the PXP from time to time.

Feasibility Study helps to define, design and implement comprehensive systems for design & construction management which includes:

• An extensive process of diagnosing client and project objectives, including evaluation of existing state design & construction management practices
• Process mapping with particular focus on design, handoffs between teams, and the flow of value from conception into built works.
• Systems engineering approach to work structuring and design integration
• Strategic guidance on use of specifications and contracts for management of digital design deliverables and use of BIM for fabrication assembly and operation
• Communications protocols for design documents, submittals and approvals, coordination and quality control procedures • Dashboard development to expose critical project insights
• Technical deployment of BIM, CAD and data management applications.

b) Research & Development and Professional Training
MES provides instructor-led and on-site training in both technologies and project applications. Trainings were offered through customized on-site project-specific training programs designed for project teams based on specific pilot projects and company needs, and project-based “training-by-doing” consulting is providing on BIM technical elements as below:

• Parametric modelling,
• Modelling automation,
• Model management.
• Project applications include digital documentation,
• Construction administration strategies,
• Clash and issue management,
• Geometric system rationalization, etc.

On the ground project-based training scheme delivered approximately over 6 months among 6 dedicated modules, each module conducts by MES’s competent Trainer/Project Manager in a cycle of every 3-week which consisted a 2-day on-site training workshop and an off-site Q&A online support services for delegates’ ongoing learning and queries.

6 dedicated modules include:
1. Architectural BIM Modelling – 3D modelling
2. Structural BIM Modelling- 3D modelling
3. MEP BIM Modelling – 3D modelling
4. Model Structure (curtain wall, structural steel) – 3D modelling
5. Model Integration Management – 4D Simulation
6. Project data management under BIM workflow – 5D Costing 6-month Project-based training scheme will only conduct simultaneously with pilot projects.

c) Change management
MES was responsible for C-8 Development to guide MRCB as BIM Management Consultant and implement the project delivery systems in accordance with the aforementioned guidelines and execution plan.

Scope of Work: Lead BIM Management Consultant

Location: Malaysia

Client: Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB)

Project Description: Proposed 2 blocks of office tower 12 storey with 3 carpark level at plot 1 on part of plot 8, Mukim Sungai Buloh, Selangor for Messrs Kwasa Utama Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Coordinate with Consultants/Contractors/Sub-Contractors etc. in terms of arrangement of issues below:

• BIM kick off meeting
• Design intent explanation meeting
• Monthly BIM coordination meeting
• Preparation documentation establishment and submission of monthly BIM report
• Preparation of BIM training workshop
• 3D Modelling • Quality Control
• Clash Detection and Analysis Reports
• 4D Simulation
• 5D Quantity Take-Off & Costing
• Facility Management